Ellis Paul

Rose Tattoo

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I got laid off, it's Monday
And I'm calling to tell you
It don't sit with me well
I feel like I failed you
You say, "We got each other
And that's plenty enough"
And I know that's true

But we've got one kid coming
And one still in diapers
It's a rainy drive home
With one good wiper
Leave the porchlight on
I need a beacon
Just to pull me to you

If I ever lost you
I would be lost too
Just drifting in a sea of blue
You're in my skin
Like a rose tattoo
Like a rose tattoo

The economy's crashing
And this poor boy's laughing
Cause there's nothing to lose
We don't live in no mansion
There's no bling to put on
Only WalMart fashion will do

Inside the house the baby's screaming
And the pasta is steaming and
I look through the windows
It feels like I'm dreaming
You pull the door open and say
"Daddy, when you comin' home?"

You say, "We'll fight for the best case scenario"
Then you put Van Morrison on the stereo
Sure there's trouble in the boardrooms
Trouble in the factories
Trouble in the alley out back
But we've got love in these patterns
Love is what matters
And baby, I've got your back
I've got your back
I've got your back
Hey, I've got your back

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