Route 666

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I don't have a motorbike and I don't have a car.
But I do have a real big gun that takes me just as far.
I get in at a gasstation and I tell you where to drive.
I turn your car to hell on wheels when I play my guitar loud!

Let's fucking die on route 666 With the music loud and a beer in our hand
Let's fucking die on the road straight to hell
I've got a bottle of whiskey and I didn't pay my rent

Does it turn you on baby when we runover that old hag
Or does it turn you on if we crash into that wreck
Do you wanna die right now or do you wanna live?
Cause I don't really care but now we're driving of a cliff


Do you hear the wail of the copcar right behind
Now don't you worry hon' cause I just locked and loaded
They can try to stop us but that is of no use
Cause I've got full clip to go and nothing else to lose