Michael Tomlinson

Run Like The River Runs

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Tell me what you will my blue winged friend
Did you hear me from where you drifted on the wind?
This autumn wind on a summer day
Sure can turn a blue sky grey
Oh it's a lonely day and cold
There are secrets you've not told
And there are parts of me that I have never known
And I wonder if you see through the walls inside of me
Feathered friend I wish that you could say
Why you sit on that wooden post and watch me play
The sky is yours and the ground is mine
Do you want to trade some time?
And let me soar above these trees
See the earth through golden leaves
Breathe the air and watch the rivers from above
There are many things to love
But it's these that call it to me
If I run like the river runs
If I fall like water falls
Oh if I breathe like the wind
Will I ever learn it all?
If I change like autumn leaves
If I grow like summer weeds
If I'm quiet as snow
Will I ever know it all, learn it all?
I don't really know from day to day
If I'm willing to walk this road or turn away
But something here in the silver sky
Is exactly what I need
To begin the song again
Help me sing my winged friend
With the melody you rise and float away
Then I'll leave the way I came
But I'll never be the same
repeat chorus

Writer/s: Michael Tomlinson

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