Sad Story

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It's a sad story
yunanhido balgun hessal gadughan
ichi mothal haru
nul kumkwo odon arumdaun nare
baraji anhadon nunmuri chajawa

Gude ibgae momun shirin maltuga
modun bichul dada
suchin barammajodo sumjugyo uro
cause you're breakin' my heart

How should I know rain comes again
tell me why you're leaving me again
please don't go stay here however (now and forever)
come back to me

It's a sad story.
nul kumman gathdon arumdaun nare
nunmuri chajawa

Mojin ibyore jichyo sumjugyo uro
cause you're breakin' my heart

I cannot breathe
I won't be healed
I want to see what I was
I must be blind
I want to get back to that light

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