Against Me!

Same Old Song

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I'm sick of hearing the same old song.
The same old heartbreaking story
about some poor shit
whose life sucks dick
thinking he's gonna change the world
through another angry song.

Well I don't see progress
just repetition same old songs about oppression.
Another band that will break up in a year
because no one in it really cared.
Just in it so they could say they tried
to their kids when they wonder why,
why they let the world get to the point that it is.
Yeah we've all tasted oppression
but still we stand on division letting fashion
taint our vision and thinking
that our clothes alone damage the system.

I'm sick of hearing the same old songs.

We haven't even made a dent
but the system's not going to let us forget
that every time we make a stand
Whitey smashes us back down again.

Yeah I know we all got problems
and I don't think that this song's going to solve them.
Why can't you find your own inspiration
instead of sponging off last year's condensation.
It's unfortunate that you've got no solution
to the problems of oppression,
pollution, abuse, death, self-sacrifice.

Sometimes reality is an ugly thing.
Oh yes this world is still a mess,
but you still have one more complaint
to add on to this list.
Just one more dead weight to
help pull down this sinking ship.

Same old heartbreaking story.

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