MK Ultra

Santa María

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Jefferey experiments with acid

Down the stairs,
in the basement,
all the lights were out.

Hide and seek
in the dark,
you're never too old to play.

we were in the basement.

I couldn't see a thing-
I hit my head on a beam-
somebody screamed.
I felt water dripping down.

Please turn on the light,
I've no idea where I am.
The room is rocking back and forth,
O God am I on a ship?

I've no idea where I am-
the Santa Maria?
Did we run aground
somewhere in the Carribean?
No, I think we're going down.
I hear water on the deck
and the mast splitting in two.

What I wouldn't give
to discover America
and continue to live-
I'd hold the dirt up in my hand.

I'm sick of this game-
tell me where I am.
Please turn on the light.
Mice are nice.