Sister Hazel


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If you lean when you stand then
Everywhere you go
You will bleed where you land
And everyone will know
When you need a hand then
Surely you will know
It was me who will stand in
And fill in for your show

Cause I been seeing you and me in a space that can only grow
Cause everyone knows

I gave you everything
You got the best of me
But hey hey what a shame
I was the only one
Who didn't know what you had done
So hey hey what a shame
Cause all you ever do is blame

If you fall for illusions
Pause it on the frame
You can draw the conclusion
That everyone's the same
I was a fool from the get go
And you would think I'd see
All the things I should let go
And things that I don't need anymore


[Chorus: x3]

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