Say Something

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[Black Milk]
A world wind of sound, I'm grabbing the Oscar
On top of my game so keep ya eyes up
Y'all can't rise but y'all guys fall
I'm still high like blue skies where stars align up
Change the game, I'm crushing it
So hang yourself until you feet can dangle under ya
Build your empire up and I'm still crushin' it down
Until it look like legos tumbling
They mumbling that I'm tha illest, the new thing
So if the shoe fits, I'm lacing the shoe strings
Ballin' hard, my nigga's Pat Ewing
God, got a couple tricks up under my two sleeves
Jot a couple lines on top of some loose leaf
And I need more then two sheets
No sleep at night, and even when the sun's up
From beats to rhymes, I'm hard on both ends, call me numbchucks

Hook (2x):
They ain't really saying nothing, we getting it
Them niggas ain't spraying nothing, we getting it
Same lame niggas, same fronting, we getting it
Shame on a (Nuh), and if he say something

They can act like they don't know, the hallo flows
Over there head, when I'm holding a pen
Call me an ink slinger; give a beat a tattoo
And I stay on the roll, I'm sorta like crap shooting
I advance quicker then a cats movements
Chasing the mouse and breaking out strong as the Hulk
When he rip through cloth, all I do is stir up
Bars are sick, I'ma need cough syrup
Call the law firm up, we gotta case, another track
Tag had a verse full, turned up murdered
I'm a person, something like a furnace
Burning up, rising highs, a tidal wave nigga, surf's up
My flow tight as a shirt tucked
The goal is to earn bucks, get a bundle of money standing up tall
I got the mic with a clutched palm
Having the audience off of they feet like a center at jump-ball

Hook (2x)

You young punks is pound puppies
I remember when you got your first pound
You was found lucky
That underground ugly (Cold!)
Since the silent whispers of lost souls and dead guppies
Roll with the underdog, give it up like applause
Robbing batsards masked it, Pete of tha paid pah(?)
That thirty-thirty knocked you nose off six blocks away
The sound of the city, that sound like a cave

Hook (2x)