Scarlet Letter Rhymes

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The rhythms of life are not syncopated
A hurricane strike is a fate worth sailing on a fictional tide for
Forever we chase this is why we are living
Forever replace where I end, you are beginning in the passage of time

Don’t waste your life and dreams
Finding ways to stare into the sun
Fear anti pioneers who hope to tame us while we’re young
And fascination is all around!

When your generation is lost in the crowd
And we waste our time counting life down
And we force an attack and I won’t look back for hope that’s gone
I’m a hostage, but I’m holding on

Who said that all that you can be is but a vessel in time?
Shaping this dichotomy impaled inside
Wisdom is light that reflects your breathing
Wisdom is light that inflames all reason
In the passage of time

They were not our dreams to open
But I took them back unbroken
For that moment we were stolen

Writer/s: Steven Battelle

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