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I would love nothing more than to savor
The sweet stench of your decomposing soma
Subsidized and occupied by the
Worms and swarms that feed on your failure

Aftermath of consequence
Conquered by your own regret
One last thing to do
Before this is my accomplishment
I bring the end of your rule
With bloody requisite
The death of tyrants
At the hands of the schismatic

At first you plead for mercy,
Then you beg for death
Terror until this moment,
Despised until your last breath

The rage, the wrath, the terror
Simply monolithic and unmeasured
Inflicted with pure intensity
And without any sense of mercy
Until i was alone, knee deep in blood
Removed from myself, swept with the flood
To see you laid to rest
In a grave manifest
With your eulogy written in your own blood
And this stink reeks of this vengeance