Season's Greetings

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The trees reach like hands
to the sky from the land
and towards each other too they bend.
I watch them from a window
like an old gray tired widow
who was married once to the handsomest of plans.

I'm going to sit at a table
over Christmas with Rachel
and we're going to laugh about the town where we were born.
Maybe I just need a vacation,
this spring drive with me to Portland.
The sun will cast our shadows
like arrows to ocean and keep us warm.
Keep us warm.

So cheer up my dear
The sky's not always clear.
There needs to come
a setting sun
before the night stars appear.
And those trees skeletons
know that winter has begun
but with it comes a new year.
No next to Odom ravel
like this last one did travel
out to the water every chance we get
'cause the stream's good as dead
if we only let it live here behind our eyelids i
f we always keep it hid.

So cheer up my dear
rub your eyes clear.
Some can be sung
until you're breathing through your lungs
with the cold, dark air.
Now the banner can't be hung
until you've climbed the lowest rungs
with the ladder leaning here.
You remember how your parents
clapped, waved and smiled.
Every little thing made them proud
when you were a child.
Well now you've grown
and you're the coolest kid I know
but somehow they've lost their interest long ago.

Well cheer up my dear,
I'll always be here.
And the sky above you,
he kids our age line up to love you,
and you have nothing to fear.
There's a sky above you,
the kids our age they line up to love you,
and you have nothing to fear.

Writer/s: Carolyn Berk