Mano Negra

Mad mans dead

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Gotta tell it to you mom
Gotta tell it to you pa
Gotta tell it to the teacher
Gotta tell it to the preacher

Don’t don't don't don't don't
don't upset me

Say it to the cops
Say it to the company
Everything is RED
Buzzing in my head

Everything is red
don't bother me

Here comes my 19th
Nervous breakdown
I'm going downtown
To the merry go round

I got on a black cat bone
This B.C bone weights 16T
I got on a big black gun
This big black gun
I'm gonna use it son

I'm warning all the neighbors
I'm warning Mr Landlord
I'm warning all you suckers
I'm hanging loose & I'm Bored

mad man's dead

They said it, on the radio
There've been some kind of rodeo
People get out of under your bed
Don't be afraid:

mad man's dead