Mr. T Experience

See It Now

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Overnight only killing only kidding but I know what you're gonna say things
you misconstrue on purpose and it's worthless to try to put it another way I've
been drinking some alcohol I've been waiting for you to call though it's next to
impossible. I can still see myself the way I was the day I might have known
what was in the way must have been stranger than fiction you're gonna make
someone a wonderful wife someday I've been talking myself to sleep the
words wear out even as I speak or it could just be the delivery I can See It Now
can you see it now I can't believe I'm saying what I'm saying and I know it will
mix you up what we got caught up in so close to nothing but not quite close
enough I could get up enouh to call but it makes you uncomfortable and I've
been drinking some alcohol now I can see it now can you see it now I can see it

Writer/s: Dr. Frank

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