Tech N9ne


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Moral is shorter
My heart and my brain and spirits out of order
And now the lord of falice have thou recorder
Fallen angel warrior at the bottom drained to boiler
All remains a horror destroyer
In the middle of saddam and gamorda
Punk shit all around
Everybody been calling clown
The crawlin town
Get wicked rip this sickness is fallin down
Over this basic gay shit erase it face it
Wake this hatred and make this place get APESHIT!
No kinda way you stoppin this
Flow gonna make apocalypse
Powers stop lots of mockin shit
Lot of us often is blockin this
Optimists positive hope for the futures loss of awesomeness
I can get boss and alot of us will rot and pop like hot sausages
I am not the light I am the opposite
Through narcassistic awfulness
I'm keeping tech off of this rocker
Black heart im darker peep it this is the thesis wrote in fesus
Im as beast as broke in leashes little secret I am in Seepage

Heartless Darkness
I feel it seeping out of me
Watch this Raw shit
Seepin out the anatomy
Heartless Darkness
I feel it seeping out of me
It's gotten me nausious the seepage deep inside of me
Touch it (touch it)
Feel It (feel it)
Love it (love it)
Seepage (Seepage)
Touch it (touch it)
Feel It (feel it)
Love it (love it)
Seepage (Seepage)

Do you believe it KOD
Yes when you see them nod
He's in season the reason
light is leaving he's even odd
All 6's and 7's mauled bitches and reverends
Frauds quick gonna get stepped in
When the hog pit it is in heaven
Dog shit if he's the messenger
when he take a threat then bless a wet nigga
Instead of getting a strech and put death on a replica
That is the weakest piece of release
But the seepage has no disgretion for
Check in bro with a plethra is to lession ya
Big Yates he's stuck in the sick state
Some speakin that his fate to be wack when he gets cake
Well he gets cake and the critics they spit hate
But the siniter shit shakes so long to the mixed plate
I just ate put a punane and mustard
Cycles in lust stars eating seepage these nuts charred
What I got to say to the people who pick at and gut stars
Thinkin Imma lose the ability to bust hard you fucktards


The KODs a hothead
The shocks and the socks red
And the darkness is not dead
Regalide up like mop-heads
Chop heads off soldier like my name was ack-med
Alahua ackembah rogget ardem dantes yates
Oh Muhfuckas im coming out of his nose
Im running out of his toes
His throat and clotted his soul
Peep his crowd as it grows
No matter what route is chose
He's climbing right out his globe
Dont doubt it how loud it blows

Writer/s: ,Tonesha Sanders