Amy Jo Johnson


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Somebody tell me
When I became what I could have been
Then somebody lie to me and tell me
I'm everything

'Cause it's been hard to see
To find myself again
Oh, I'm an angry fool

All of the time I spent
Trading lovers for my innocence
Hey, did I ever trade the truth?

'Cause it would be a shame you see
If I spent it all worthlessly
I'd be bankrupt from youth

Cause it's been hard
Hard, hard living
Trying to believe

I remember back in the day
We were young our dreams just came our way
But now one's broken, one's missing
And ones blue

Oh, tell me, 'cause I just want to know
When did it become this one man show?
I'm all tangled up and bruised

'Cause it's been hard
Hard, hard living

Which been hard
Hard, hard living

Trying to believe
But all okay

Am I self-destructing?
Am I self-destructing?
Are we self-destructing?
Figure it out

Writer/s: Amy Jo Johnson

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