Sempiternal Consecration

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Rotten enough
I've been dying upon this lightless, feelingless existence
I'm trapped...
Silver remedy closing my eyes
Calling me so loud
Showing me price of delight
So near about the the quick suicide hunting me down...
Here is the Guardian of the night
Hidden in flickering shroud
Reveals for me the visage of darkness
Taking off my rusty chains
That endless daylight - dungeon
So many whispers to poison my mind
I promise myself to consecrate & stand against with honor!
Oh dictator of mortal life
There is no love in Your violence
If it seems to mean relief for my everlasting sadness?
Above the red horizon of heven
Where I hide my dreams and faith forever
I feel that planets aren't so far away as they seem...
I'm tortured... empty and totally cold
In spite of my tragedy sorrow and pain
Deep in unholiness!
So when shall I manage to challenge this destination?

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