Separated Anxiety

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Missing without a trace, stricken with grief
Confined at home in case they call
Immersed in regret for things not said
Fearing the worst, they must be dead

Question why this is happening to you
Family tries to console

Deaf to their words of comfort
Distraught over potential loss
Only alternative is to check the morgue

Unclaimed bodies waiting to be identified
Hoping you don't find them

Uncover the first sheet, burned beyond recognition
Dental records needed to decide
Accident victim, crushed cranium, pulverized inside
Try to keep composure, person not recognized

Next cause of death, murder through dissection
Body parts placed together on a slab
Half eaten, skinless torso, vomit burns your throat
Untouched head reveals, this is not the one

Remains uncovered, the body is discovered
Skin turns cold as the drama unfolds
Loved one taken so brutality
No one could survive this cruelty
Legs feel weak, pull over the sheet

Absent loved one, immersed in regret
for things never said
Human remains identified, wishing you would have died