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Sex me, baby
Sex me not

Sex me, baby
Sex me not
Come 2 the afterparty
Let's make it hot
Leave your sister and your underwear at home
Ain't gonna stop till everybody gone

Front row center
With the outstretched hand
More chill around the wrist
Than the ice-cream man
Speaking of which, U say U like it
U say U like it when I scream
I like it when U do 2
Ooh, uh huh

(Looky here now) Looky here now, uh
Look at my hips (Look at my hips)
I'm 'bout 2 do somethin'
2 make your backbone slip
Ungh, ungh, ungh!
And when I get through
U'll b confused
Should U take another pill after mornin'
Or play the fool?

(Come on)
(Hot hot hot...)

Come and get happy
Is waitin' on ya here
Make it go down in the back of the bus
It's got a big ol' rear
Everybody, uh, that came 2 see me dance (Sho' did, nigga)
Jump back uh, watch me now
I'm 'bout 2 wet your pants

Sex me {repeat}
Sex me, baby
Sex me not {repeat phrase}
Sex me, baby {x2}

Oh, make a lot of money
Give it all 2 U
If U choose rap
And do what U forced 2 do
Black pepper, grind U please (Black pepper, grind U, grind U please)
Make a brother happy (What?)
On your knees
Oh oh oh oh!

(Sex me) Hold me tight
(Sex me) Check the bird (Choke it)
(Sex me) And when the needle drop
The groove U gonna hear'll make U never wanna stop your hurtin'

(Sex me, baby)
(Let's make it, let's make it hot)

(Sex me, baby)
(Hey, yeah)
(Hot hot hot)
(Till everybody gone)

(Mmm mmm)
(Hot hot hot)
(Sex me, baby) {x3}

Sex me, baby
Sex me not {repeat phrase x4}
Sex me, baby {x2}
Whatcha gonna do?

Sex me, baby
Sex me not

Writer/s: Prince