Rockie Fresh

Shade 45 Freestyle

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Rockie be chiefing so maybe I'm tweaking
These rappers is decent, I know I'm the coldest
Forever I'm focused, the right people notice
I'm showing love anytime that you wanna approach this
I know I'm the dopest, know my city seem hopeless
A lot of niggas don't make it, a lot of people be faking
A lot of niggas be dying so my main goal is surviving
And the time I'm residing, grinding until I reach Zion
You know how we riving, cop the kicks with the sirens
Cop the kicks for the team, make sure my people stay clean
I come, step on the scene, Alexander McQueen
I am crack, I spit that, turn your girl to a fiend
She hit the loud and she lean, she know I be rolling strong
It's rocking like the Rolling Stones, she seen me in that Rolling Stones
We roll up on that right now, light me up and bust 'em down
If you ain't moving with the movement, move the fuck around, Rockie