Divine Empire

Shadow Of Violence

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Your taken without warning
I will save you from your misery
Your existence is pathetic
I will make you fucking bleed

One more word will make me lose it
Piss me off again and you will see
Pressing firmly for incision
Stabbing twist confirms your death

Choking on your last breath
Body numb, left for dead
Long blade slices deep
Confirmed killing spree

Captured my verdict pleads
Sentencing death penalty
Denied rise of hate
Kept alive I escape

I condemn these manmade killers
Pleading guilty for this murdering
Armed with terror reinstated
Sanctioned judgement to kill me

Try to run from this conviction
Lethal shots are fired rapidly
Go down in a blaza of glory
Persecuted finally

Burning for genocide
Lethal injection
Its time for me to die

My execution
Will take me straight to hell
System of murder
I am just like you

Your death feeds my pain
Next in line to bleed

Writer/s: Jason Blachowicz

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