Twisted Minds

Shadows From The Past Are Lights In The Future

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Shadows From The Past Are Lights In The Future
At least they should be...

Please bury me as you burried these people's scars.
Burry my son to avoid to leave any mark.
A rape of culture, one whole race robbery,
And forget the causes and hide the consequences of History.

Shadows from te past ain't light in the future
In our five minutes culture.

How could we deal with progress?
As we try to fade the past.
Old generations'blindess
Don't force my to close my eyes.

Our governments created their own enemies,
And burried them under a zidanistic populist fever.
Slavery, slaughters that collective memory don't forget.
Yeah collective memory don't forget.

Who tried to dig to the real causes?
Sure we can keep talking about the weather and useless things,
But my city's burning cause we don' apologize !

Shadows from past are lights in the future,
But mistakes from the past seem to be a model to reproduce...

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