Shallows Ground

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Quiet peacefully
There's no ripple to see on these shores so familiar
Loving sanctuary, and some kind of confidence
I've never felt before
Now I'm watching
As these waters started to reflect the flaws in me
Curse this mirror
Only shows distorted truths and insecurities

I have been waiting endlessly
To catch a glimpse of all your mysteries
Gazing forever, truth will be found
Should have already seen your shallow grounds

Slowly quietly
Silent waters started to pull my head underneath
Madly aimlessly
Started struggling to fing back a piece of my sanity
And I'm searching
Searcing for a sign that this was not a waste of time

Hoping for a deeper meaning
Which I always knew was never there

And the silence fades out violently
While I try to find my former life
Will I ever learn my lesson?
Sirens need a deep sea to survive