Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her


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She's planning something weird
Which nobody knows
I came to see her one day but she was talking on the phone
I heard something really scary I could never ever ever thought
She said something like she's gonna kill somebody

And that's murder
My eyes gone oh half
I didn't know what to do
But I heard something really bad

should I tell
should I say
should I run away

should I tell
should I say
should I run away

She's a murderer
She's the murderer

But she didn't notice I was in her house
I felt so scared and I just run away

I ran away to my neighborhood friend's house
He was there but he was also talking on the phone
I'm relieved he was there so I step into the room

I tell how something really scary sounds just so samliliar
I heard that he was saying something unbelievable
That he was going to kill somebody

oh my god oh my god
what a day today

I gotta live
I gotta go
I gotta run away

She 14x

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