Shepherd of the Stray Hearts

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Lion, be a father to the night.
Lamb, be my dream of an afterlife.
Silence, convince the lovers in their sheets to move in mists of effortlessness together as they sleep.
I'd shy when I'd see you around.
We were here at the same time in the same town.
I asked for answers from the ocean waves.
"If it's meant to be then it will be," they said. I wanted you.
Bring them in so sweet, those hymns, sing them soft to me.
Just like a shepherd of the stray hearts,
leaving you whale bones in your front yard and
a basket of spearmint on the gate behind your swing,
and a white scarf around the cello cart you're always pushing. I wanted you.
Magnets find each other and I will be your lover and I will be your lover
oh I oh I oh why oh why oh why?

Writer/s: Ferris