Aimee Mann

She Really Wants You

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Sitting in your father's basement
Waiting for the phone to ring
Still in your pajamas, baby
She made up some excuse to see you
You said you didn't feel a thing
Tired of all the dramas, maybe

But still
The moment you hear
The moment you know
I'm sure you'd come running, baby
The moment you hear
That she really wants you

Packing up your old apartment
Sealing up another box
Wondering what made you choose her
And moving house when you're a stoner
Everything you come across
Makes you feel like such a loser


'Cause the stray that you found
That looked so cute at the pound
Now has you putting her down as rabid
If it was badder than bad
Well, then ? you oughta be glad
You can break it like another habit

[Chorus: x2]

Writer/s: Aimee Mann