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She's Strychnine

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Like the snake in Eden, only more slippery & deceitful.
You're a poison girl!
I could've swallowed you, I'm seeking the proximity, to be under your flesh, flower of flesh and blood, I wanted to be your blooming.

I felt empty the minute you walked away from me...
Right now, I miss just everything about her.
The fragrance all around her neck, the way she moves, fuck yeah, those tight panties.

I can't wait to strip you down!

You're a monument of aesthetic, instead of glorifying (you),
I'll rearrange your pretty smile.
An icon to be adorned, you make me sick!
With a rusty cleaver, I'll be the new Da Vinci.
Whore. Poisonous. Wine. Strychnine!

You please yourself in the collecting of wrecks of men who've fallen under your charms.
Between these luscious legs, a graveyard has became quite a populous Nation.
But I simply won't give in, as I have seen beyond the cruelty of your looks.
Risen from the ashes of my love life, I aim to see you suffer.

And I desecrate everything that has been given to you, as natural weapons, against my will.
Weapons that you so skillfully use everyday, you call this justice?

To be the one, that will show you that tomorrow's morning glory is gonna be tainted and simply won't happen, ever again.
As sunrise is no more and so are you!

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