Mark Chesnutt

She Was

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She started her new life ten dollars in debt,
That's all it took to get started back then.
A trip to the courthouse across the state line,
No-one could stop her,
She'd made up her mind.
He was eighteen, an she wasn't;

But she said she was,
And never thought twice.
And came back home as my daddy's wife.
She just shook her head when her mama said:
"Are you sure he's the one?"
An' she was.

He took a job and farmed on the side;
He made the ends meet, but she kept 'em tied.
Chganges were comin' to their little world,
She said: "What would you like?
"A boy or a girl?"
And he said: "Are you?"

An' she said she was,
And never thought twice.
'Bout takin' the next step in building their lives.
Soon there were three and she tried to be,
Everything to us,
An' she was.

Those precious moments turned into years,
In what seemed like the blink of an eye.
I held her hand as I leaned down to ask her,
"Momma, are you ready to say goodbye?"

An' she said she was,
But she thought twice,
Holdin' my hand as she let go of life.
Daddy always said a woman like her,
Would be hard to give up.
An' she was. (She was.)

If there ever was a picture of love,
She was.

Writer/s: Neal Coty

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