Shooting Star

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Moon is waxing, sky is clear
Dominance of night
Sky is shattered, planet stunned
By majestic sight
Forests became silent,
Rivers ceased their run
Astonished by beauty of the shooting star
Lonely shooting star…

Oceans spellbound by starblaze
Playing in their waves
And the nature itself
Welcoming guest from outer space
'Where from she came to us
From which constellation'
What have brought her to our home,
To this distant little world'

Born on the edge of universe
She started journey towards her fate
Disrupting laws of galactic gravity
Moving against very fabric of space
Watching ascensions and sudden falling
Of civilizations emerged and extinct
Mourning her sisters that gone supernova
Tired of melancholic and dreary being

Moon is waxing, sky is clear
Dominance of night
Moment passed, planet resumed
Her mundane life
Starblaze will disappear
Several moments will pass
And no one will remember of the shooting star.
Dying shooting star…