Shooting The Messenger

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The truth must lie somewhere in your scripted lines,
Sterilized to keep the sheeple neutralized,
Painted faced corporate puppets propped in place,
To regurgitate propaganda everyday,
Naive ignorance transfixed on the syndicate,
Meticulous programming transmits for the omnipotent,
Altering the thoughts you think are of your own genesis,
Disinfotainment targets all with subliminal influence

Psycological warfare - secretly waged on millions of people
Fundamental methods of popular control
Ellimination of individual critical thinking
A whole new army of remote controlled drones

Subversionary repetition necessary
For these luminaries to animate your adversaries
Belief systems synthesized by your television
Complete fiction blinds you from your mental prison
Simplistic negligence does not dismiss the consequence
Your symbiosis omits your guise of innocence
Conniving sellouts in a black abyss of arrogance
This verbal impotence insults my fucking intelligence
Mesmerized, your mind entrained, tranquilized
Hypnotized, lethargic state, paralyzed
Traumatized, you will obey, lost inside
Bastardized, you are a slave, dehumanized

You glamorize this new world order paradigm
Lies disguised to fool those you've lobotomized
Hollow clones perpetuate the status quo
You sold your soul to serve the tyrants of control

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