Vitamin X

Shut Up (there's No Smoking Gun)

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Hype, lie, overstate,
Make up, exaggerate
Double faced hypocrite
You make me really sick

Mislead, spin, spin
(All) evidence (goes) right in the bin
(And after) all's been said and done
There's no smoking gun!!

Shut up, shut up
Just keep your mouth shut
Shut up, shut up

(You'd) unite, don't divide?
(You'd) take care of human rights?
(They're all just) fairy tales from your mouth
You're a big sell out

Fibs and falsehoods, you're 'misunderstood'
(But) whoever can count till three
Will surely see..
Song about lies and liars. Politicians have
always been manipulating the people. But
nowadays -some- of our leaders (we all
know who we're talking about) are not just
dishonest; they're telling outright lies!
They're systematically distorting evidence
and lying about going to war, the environment,
tax cuts, etc. The list of misrepresentations,
misinformation and dubious statements is
endless. Just shut the fuck up!!