Silent Cries Divide The Nights

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Now we gotta find out
That summer's evening's gone!
We lived a daydream embracing
What we called homw!
Now we gotta get up!
Do we really think the world to be a creative oversight?
Do we really believe in senseless power?
OD(D) forces will reveal - expose
The true essence of things,
The reason of all that has come into it's existance!
No more silent cries will be able
To divide all our lonely inner nights,
Fragrences of truth will call for us!
Will we ever find out what means: to be?
Will we spread it out, the say we see?
While we're exploring thousand mighty miles in the lost and new born, only
true kingdom?!

The Vision - Burning
The counterfeit master of the world
Will call for his empire!
He's the demon of illusion, sorrow,
Darkness, mourning and appearance
Forests will explode and on red wings
Spirits will ascend into the sky!
Cities will catch fire and they'll carbonize
So unbelievable hot, silent, and dry!

Choir: We will burn - fire

These corroding flames they will seize,
surround us too,
You is the victim - the dormant peace!
We will burn, the air will be afraid of our mortal frame
Ethereal we are, the air we breathe
The storm that's stirring up all fire!
I see, our life and limb will still
Not come to harm by this conflagration
Of everything to be allright,
Although our hidden souls already dwell
In seas of flames, red hot solution!

Voice: How will we stand the fire tomorrow?

Force Majeure