Chris Pureka

Silo Song

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Maybe you learned it from your family
Mix in a little of the old midwest
It seems someone out there built a legacy
On keeping everything tight under wraps
And all the secrets in the silos
You won't even whisper them to the prairie wind
And now we're talking on the telephone
Skimming the surface of this ocean
Just skimming the surface of this ocean

You know you're drowning me
In all you're not saying
Swept under the rug for so long, oh darling
Don't it get lonely when you're the only one who knows?

All the over-encrypted poetry
Unintelligible tales of the truth
It was all dripping with mystery
Enough to keep me there long overdue
So honey, honey, drop the metaphor
Honey, honey, won't you come clean because...


Well I don't claim to be so forthright
It's not my strongpoint
But your attempts are illusory
And you don't even know it, you don't even know it

So maybe you learned it from your family
Maybe that's just your best excuse
You could use some New York City
You could use your own talk show host

Because I am drowning in all
That you're not saying
I want to shake your shoulders
I want to rip down the curtains
Oh, 'cause all I remember
Are these opaque conversations
When so much of the meaning
Just got lost in the translation...

It's a tale so ordinary
There you were with your pretty mouth closed
But darling you should have told me the ending
Long before you did

Writer/s: Chris Pureka