Ohio Players


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Won't You Set Me Free Before I Lose All My Love?
Won't You Let Me Be? I'm Just Trying to Get Along
And Sing My Song to Me.
Gotta Get Away and Find a Place to Call My Home.
Can't Hesitate. I Might Be Right Or Wrong But
Sometimes Wrong Will Make You See.
Seasons Bloom in the Winter.
I Just Wanna Live Today.
Summer Sets Over Autumn.
It Wasn't Ever Meant to Be That Way.
Sing Me a Song Mr. Sinnerman. Won't You
Help Me Along This Lonely Road? Won't You
Sing Me a Song Mr. Sinnerman? Won't You
Help Me Along?
Now I'm All Alone But Sometimes That Feels Good
Gone So Far From Home, But I Knew I Always Would.
And I'd Wrong That Right If I Could.
When My Path Is Gone You Made Fade Away
Like Favorite Song But I'll Still Sing That Tune
From the Sun to the Falling Moon.

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