Sawyer Brown

Sister's Got a New Tattoo

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We got a call collect from Fort Benning
Where she was goin' next she said was pending
Now she's all dressed up in her fatigues
She said we're about to join the major leagues
She packs a 45 in her high heel shoes
She said we're gonna teach them boys to sing the blues

Little sister's got a new tattoo
Now mama don't know what to do
She up and joined the army reserve
'Cause her grades didn't make the curve
Now she's red, she's white, she's blue
From the Middle Wast callin'
With uncle Sam brawlin'
Little sister got a new tattoo

She said now mama don't you worry any
I'm gonna take you with me where ever they send me
I got a little trick tucked up my sleeve
It's a secret jus' 'tween you and me
She's got little heart with mama drawn on
Says can't nobody ever do her no harm

[Chorus x2]

She gotta new tattoo

Writer/s: Gregg Hubbard / Mark Miller

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