Six Common Salvations

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Force of nihility seems like to at last
Sins of six salvations destroy the sign of Christ power
...although the suffocation I revived my life
Silent humiliation tearing my veins
Before the perish I command to be strong
For devil inquisition inner myself
I die for sin committed spreading it's stream
Now forever sincere storm in my mind's endeavor
Where light and darkness fuck together
Ferocious behaviour to make the sin a savior
Mym grzechem szaleñstwo ku czci piekielnych bram...
So foresee god shall fail at last!
Raped innocence
Then Devil dwell
Satanic scent...
...W p³omieniach mych snów I pragnieñ dna
W czeluœciach mej duszy ukrywam strach
W mroku sk³êbiony przeklinam œwiat
W obliczu nicoœci wyrzekam boga!
The motion seduction I smell an erotic fragrance
And sexual sodomic variety I abruse so much
...Usta zbroczy³em krwi¹ to wino zalewa me cia³o
Wieczna pokusa gdy uczuæ wci¹¿ za ma³o...
Self Damnation!
Christianity eradictation!

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