Amy Ray

SLC Radio

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Salt Lake City radio radio - fighting the good fight for me
All the songs and all the words that don't get played that don't get heard

I'm pulling in to the LDS nation looking for a community station
Cause I've heard about the kids in Salt Lake City
And how they fight to be set free and how they fight
For you and me radio radio community

I seen a lotta roads and pastures and mountains
I met a lotta folks in a whole lotta towns
I feel a crack in the skin of the majority
They're gonna figure it out
I ain't here to fuck the family

Take your city on a holiday from pain
All you missionaries can't you hear what I say?

Way down in the deep south
I got the bible belt blues
I want to shake these chains off
What have I got to lose?
I said everybody across this nation
Stand with me
And your community station
What have you got to lose?

Writer/s: Amy Ray