Manic Movement


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Dazed I awake
Out of the grey
You see this sleep was never ever good for me
A stroking voice
This welcome lies
I know this reality as my enemy
Its malice thrives
On searching minds
Foolishly trying to discern true destiny
Still have to grant
Feelings command
That I'm in love with this, cruellest of energies

Life to often offers itself as a willing whore on all fours
drawing you beyond your will into mind robbing foul intercourse

Although I know that the sweetest fruit can be enjoyed
after tearing open one's mouth to its prickly mind blowing hide

I have to slide
to reconcile
My make belief order with this entropy
To write 'em down
Visions of mine
And put my hope in shimmering ambiguity
Prism unnamed
Choas prevails
Will have its way with my part in its transcendency
Still have to play
Deranged, the same…
You see, happiness was never meant for me

Life too large, but for all I care reasons enough when finding some love somewhere

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