Slow Death

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You join primary school
it's something new you're felling cool
they teach you to read and to write
you learn to steal and to fight

A few years later they send you to high school
mum and dad dream of you at the top
their daily pressure of you
drives you in despair

Eight suffering years were hardly enough for you
out on the street you're looking for a good job
you find one if a stell factory
but working in a factory is killng your identity

Job in frustration leads to booze
your wind attitude scares your friends
a few months later you 've lost 'em all
the one and only friend is now the booz

Your parents are tired of being the mourners
the mourners of a good-for-nothing son
you grt fired at work - no need for drunkards
you become mentally ill - you break down

Then smack shows up with your everyday solution
smack helps you to forget all about
the neld of money you coyer by dealing
by ripping off all people around

When you get on turkey you feel like dyihg
the amount of stuff rises day by day
you mugg and stlal to satisy your nelds
one day you' ll die the painful golden death