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Open your eyes. You keep them close to him.
There are people around me everywhere, but I can’t help but feeling further than I have ever felt before
I'm growing anxious, rivers of noise flowing through my insecurities

Come feast your eyes, this was expected. I sat there still. I didn't say a word

Yet through the worst of times I stuck by you, gave everything a friend could give. And in return you took it for granted, spit right in my fucking face. And now your gone, I'm glad, I've never been better. I hope these words will make an impact on you. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry at all. Not that you ever did.

The lies are starting to cover the windows. You’re lost in yourself.
Your apology will not be accepted.
What makes you think I can feel any longer, I have turned to stone.
Just bear with me. I can make this better.
I can make this better. I will make this better.

The furthest thing from perfection, you make it so real I want to believe. You are making this more than it actually is, you’re making it more-you’re fucking it up.
A mask for the puppet you'll always be.
A mask for the puppet you will always be