Snap Happy

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[verse 1: Tung Twista]
Intro, I Break A, Break a Brother Ten Fold
Oh, 10-40, Stomp em Like a Dinosaur
Poor Excuse For An Mc, So-so Singers
The Things I Bring'll Snap Like Fingers
Rugged Hip-hop, I'm Gettin Funky Like a Cheap Perfume
Doom, Take em From the Womb to the Tomb, Whom
It May Concern, I Return From the Mentally Dead
To Fly a Sleep Sucker Duck's Head
A Thouroughbred in This Talent, I Be Snappin Like I'm Coo-coo
Try to Fade My Spade, You Made a Boo Boo
Suckers Say 'ooops', Troops, I Spank em If They Rap Happy
Never Calm, Cause I'm Snap Happy

Am I Snap Happy? (Mh-hm)
Tell Me Am I Snap Happpy? (Mh-hm)
Tell Me Am I Snap Happpy? (Mh-hm)
Yo, Tell Me Am I Snap Happpy? (Mh-hm)

[verse 2: Tung Twista]
Snap Happy - Snappin On Those Who Think I Rap Crappy
The Tung Is Snappy, Rougher Than Nappy, You Can't Outrap Me
Punk, With Suckers I Toy, I'm Stronger Than a Droid
I Don't Avoid the Noid, I Destroyed the Noid
So I Gotta Make a Scrub Pay Hay
Suckers I Slay, They Lay Stinkin in the Subway
Focus, My Rhythm Will Scrub, Say Rub-a-dub-dub
Cause I'ma Step Into em Like a Bathtub
I Make em Run Like Waterfalls, Use Your Eyes For Pool Balls
Then Run Through Rappers Like School Halls
I'm Breakin Sucker Punks' Backs
Facts On Wax, When I Step, Instead of Footprints, I Leave Tire Tracks
My Rhythm Be Delicious While
I Flow, the Skunk of This, Funk of This With a Dramatically Vicious Style
I Destroy Your Phoney Hip-hopness Like the Lochness
Monster, Just Because I Want Ta
1 to 2, I'm Comin Through
Swig em Like a Brew, Ooh
You Think I Bit Off More Than I Can Chew?
I Break a Sissy Up With no Twist
Don't Make My Tongue Flappy
I Still Can Be Labelled As Snap Happy


Dj Jihad Get Loose

[dj Scratches] (Hit Me)

[verse 3: Tung Twista]
I Snap and Make em Yield
Spin My Tongue Like a Windmill
And Crack Your Skull Like a Windshield
Show Me Where a Sucker Makes a Error, I Give Him Terror
Be Smooth As Aloe Vera, They Run Like Mascara
I Turn em Over Like a Page, Engage
I Eat em With Rage and Trap the Duck Behind My Rib Cage
Flow, My Jock'll Make em Blow
Want Me to Take em Slow
I Flow Speed Till They Can't Take no Mo'
Get the Urge to See What I'm Servin, Bee
I Make An Emergency For the Sucker to Get Surgery, Word to G
You Thinkin What I Said'll Miss
But I'm the Head of This, What I Said'll Diss
Cause It's a Mega-diss
If You Sleep Get Into Bed of This
But If You Wake Up, I'ma Fly That Dreaded Head Like Pegasus
I'm a Son, But For Some Reason They Wanna Call Me the Rap Pappy
I Guess It's Cause I'm Snappy


(Hit Me)