Paul Kelly

So Blue

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Standing in a bright lit room
strangers all around me
To the spot my feet were glued
before the Lac d'Annecy

I walked around then I came back
and stood there lost in wonder
Nothing else there could attract
the rest were only pictures

So blue, so blue, so blue

I waited on a cold highway
throwing stones and singing
A man he took me all the way
right through to Central Station

Where have you been? he said to me
I've been down to the gallery
What did you see? he said to me
I saw the Lac d'Annecy

And it was so blue, so blue, so blue

Now colour constructs every line
and the more every link is made fine
the stronger the net will be
Every day he left his wife
to wrestle with his lover
A hundred ways Mont St. Victoire
and each time starting over

Now Pablo's work was child's play
and Henri did it faster
But the slow old grizzly bear
was their only master

So blue, so blue, so blue

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