From A Second Story Window

Soft Green Fields

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[SUDROV (The Prophet):]
HEAR THIS. I have seen their patronized eyes through the lashes of expired cadavers; and the removal of hearts through their chest cavities...
We are aware.
We are alive in this world...
We will see the sun as they tear our chests open and rip our fears from our minds; we are not troubled by this...
We can see the sun rise and fall with frost at our feet, and blood in our eyes.
Still there is more life for everyone, and we have not chosen this existence...
We will never see this stop happening, our shielded eyes!..
We will not see this aging moon until it soars!
They call it heaven.
Cry for yourself, CRY HUMANITY, or just cry for mercy.
Is this as much as you care to fake?..
We are not a spark to rise; we are flame to stamp out.
We are not what you expected this is the silence before the beginning.
We are aware...this is the end and we will show them all.
Am I the only one?
Watch in disbelief...
We are a destined few who will see this crumble down in our hands...
We are the few who wait as this crumbles down again...
This is the ending and it's where we start.
This is the ending and it's where we are.
Go! We are not ready for battle...
I cut the skin from my arms...we are not ready for battle, the world burns and we are dead from the inside out.

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