Al Jarreau

So Good

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(Take me on home and let me say this!)

There's no greater crime than wastin' your life on a boat goin' nowhere,
When you came along you made it safe for love to survive,
I trusted and dreamed and you came like I knew you would.
I've been 'round before but this feels so good.

I could not walk by I knew that I'd found
What's at the end of the rainbow,
There's no place on earth I'd rather be than stayin' right here with you,
It's not about luck I don't need to knock on wood no, no
Been 'round before but this feels so good.

Night after night it's so hard to believe
That I wake up each day next to you,
Time after time in the cold mornin' light, it's good to know
It's good to know that it's true.

There's no greater sin than missin' your chance
When it's starin' right at ya,
That look in your eye says everything and tells me I'm home,
For once in my life I don't feel misunderstood,
Well I've been 'round before but this time it feels so sure.

Been 'round before but this feels so good,
Been 'round before but this feels so good.

Writer/s: Miles Waters / Peter Vale / Sue Shiffron