Alex Góes

So Long

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I've made my bed so well
Now I have to lie on it
You've made your choice a hell
Now you have to stick to it


So I'll sit and watch you show
Cause I don't believe it's you
And I'll listen to your cry
Cause that's all I'll let me do

I'll just place all my tears
In hidden corners of my eyes
And I'll just place all I feel
In broken pieces of my heart
I'll wave a last goodbye
I can't believe you're really gone
But you won't hear a word
I'll place my pride above it all

Refrão 1x

You now look back and know
It's gone, gone, gone
I now look back and say
So long, so long, so long,
So long, so long, so long

Writer/s: Alex Goes / Alexandre Castillo