Rockie Fresh

Something Special

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[Verse 1:]
It's bout doing the unthinkable
I hope you don't mind if I have a drink or two
I definitely brough dimise
Life is way more than these pretty ticks and fancy cars
It's all in how you play your cards
Like a young Jamie Fox I'm breaking all the rules
I'm a different kind of dude, made a different kind of move
My people see me rising, my family see me rising
My aunty thought them folks were at it see though that I'd be dying
I tell her worry not for if I go today
I done made the kind of music where I never go away
God bless every ear that heard all I had to say
To be nothing like these niggas is the prayer I always pray
I watch wrestling in the past 88 was in the dash
Hitting Fendi, I got more belts the Kevin Nash
Them Jordan Boxes is where I'm known to keep the stash
But the shoes ain't never in it cause the shoes is on the gas
As I pass

We bout to take it to another level
I hope you listening I've been trying to tell you
I think we got something special
I really think we got something special
Always rolling foot stay on the pedal
I know my worth so I never settle
I gotta give something special
Right now I gotta give you something special

[Verse 2:]
They always told me life a dream, really gon' have some shit
Capture it, give all of my niggas half of it
Presidential Rolly, first lady is in the cabinet
All my shit bang like a head on accidcent
I'm going after it and I ain't showing no fatigue
Like when I use to be in Roslen playing little league
Got on base, made hits, raps can do the same shit
Old fashion donut eating city sports every weekend
Hitting River Oaks left a couple niggas broke
Lot of them was supposed to hoop, what they do, later choke
I told them I was finna rap and they ain't wanna say I'm dope
Now they can't match my high and that no matter what they smoke
The money that I'm getting make them think I'm selling coke
I'm just popping like the fence working like I gots some kids
Stand behind my buds like I'm bout to do a bid
Capturing these moments you can see it on the pixen vix


[Verse 3:]
I may have lost a couple old fans, probably scared away some new fans
But this is not a new plan
Road to redemption like Paul I'm a new man
All the real niggas looking at me like I'm true fam
I'm in this water like I'm sea salt
Finna make all of my niggas rich off default
This is one to one this ain't nothing like what he bought
What he got, I gotta be boiling if he hot
Looking at the game as if I'm chilling on the tree top
Rising over niggas who saying that they believe not
I mostly wear Jordans but I might fuck with Reebok
When they send the paper we gon' take a look at what we got
Working on some venture with some of your favourite vendors
Cause I was going hard when these niggas was being tender
My outside fresh but it's also about the inner
They say the young boy got the heart of a 100 niggas
My sys still beating, my team still eating
We party on the weekdays like it was the weekend
We the motivation to think we started sweeping floors
Now we finna fuck around and sweep the nation
I use to push a dolly looking goofy in the lobby
And now I'm getting money like I invented mollies
You niggas in my league like I was playing hockey
Don't know what you've been told but this the life of Rockie
Fuck with me yeah