Shayne Ward

Something Worth Living For

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I don't wanna leave you here all by yourself
I just wanna let you know I'm there for you like no one else
I don't wanna drift off to another place
I just wanna lay here in your arms with your hand on my face

So lets not ever tell the moon about the sun
I'll keep hearing love songs, hoping every wrong's undone
Its foolish but we've only just begun
I don't wanna stop this, all my walls are caving in

I wanna give you something worth living for
I wanna tell you this and so much more
Your my everything
My universe

I'm so mesmerized by your serenity
Hopefully you'll take me there inside your dreams
Just like all the leaves I'm falling over you
Its so unbelievable the airs so true

Writer/s: Josef Larossi

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