Song For The Living

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Hear the sound of the church bells
They don't sing for me
Play their song for the living
Forgotten melody

I never though the end would feel like this
I never thought you would forget our last kiss
Nothing more a distant memory
All that is left of me

I heard the sound of the church bells
When we said goodbye
Play their song for the living
Their grief was just a deceitful lie

One day silence captured me
I could feel your silent cry
Now I linger in darkness
Await the day you die
The day you will be mine again

But I know all hope is gone
All what we were forlorn
And our promise and our trust
Burnt with my bones to dust
Our future, never had
My soul belongs to death
I decay and you move on
But never forget our song

Hear my song for the living
These words, dead as they seem
Will keep you from forgetting
Our hopes, our dreams

I am patient you will come this way
Until it comes, that faithful day

Hear my last words, my song for you