Song Of The Nightingale

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I carry the roses of love
With blood on my hands
It's raining headstones from above
A sign my poor soul understands

I fight a war against sad thoughts
Till someone comes to dry my tears
My mournful world the dream distorts
Let me find a haven for my fears

Where are you tonight,
As I'm dying deep within myself?
Still you hesitate,
We've got a vision of a war to fight...!

Above the roves, the nightingale
Sings of decease and love, so pure
Look at my heart, it becomes pale
This sadness deep inside I cannot endure

Seek to reverse malignity
Lovelorn wounds are all I find
Please sing a hymn of joy for me
I need it to release mind

Like a dancer in degeneration
Exhibitionistic and malign
Let me find illumination
Melissa, please give me a sign

Brother of sleep,
Send me your ashen kiss
and cover my face with a shroud
Full of joy let me creep
through the valleys of bliss
Pure spirits they are free and proud

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