Bret Michaels

Songs of Life

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Now look at you all standing proud
Dressed to kill, talking loud, guitar in your hand
You see sex and violence, love and rage
Still survive in this day and age, and you're sick about that
Go ahead, life's gonna take it so break these chains
Come alive, the worlds your stage

Love and pain and sacrifice,
Flesh and blood all the songs of life
You said I will not go quietly in the night

Now look at you out on the streets
Your mom and dad think you're a freak
Don't understand you
You wear your heart on your sleeve
Seems all the people that you meet they criticize you too
But just stand tall and face the pain
You will not fall for the masquerade.


The losing clowns that try to drag you down but stand there yeah
Your life is getting stranger you know you can't change it
Destiny's a callin' you, nothing you can do

Now look at you all actin' strange
I wonder what the winds of change have done to you
Is it what you did or what you seen or all the things you could not fix
That effected you?

[Chorus: x2]

You got to stand and fight

Writer/s: Bret Michaels / Cliff Calabro

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