Frozen Mist

So Seductive

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Darkness screaming thru black and gray...
The heat of the sun has gone astray...
Blood red tears flood our eyes...
Will misery say her last goodbye?...
I remain hidden in vast circles of deep...
In nightmares I create while you sleep...

"Exotic moments I breathe inside you
Images of energy travel inside our minds
Accept the dreams where we shall dwell
Kiss the bleak shadows in distant time."

"Intertwined around the folds of love
You lie there so seductive waiting for me
Drifting thoughts caught in the essence of life
Currents of light surge our passion to bleed."

My fingers run down the curve that arches your breasts to thighs.
Ounces of my dark blood pours out for all of you.
I must explore your luminous beauty flooded in radiance.
Lushious harmonies decorate the nature perfected in you.

Follow the hollow, entry below
Celestial love, it forever flows.
Inspirations, blood canvas, struck in my head
Whisper sounds of hymns, my shade of red.
Compulsive desires, I'm eager for a taste
Together in meek existence never replaced.
Attentive moonlight in lucid ecstasy
Oblivious horror, a mystery of the breeze.

No more hidden desires, my Marionette flattered
Seduced on her bed, we join lips on flesh like silk.
Pleasantly embraced, I gaze into those precious eyes
I caress your eversoft cheeks, my God you're so beautiful.

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